My-HiME (Mai-HiME)


Set in an alternate universe to the hit anime (which now I realize is otherwise unknown nowadays, oh well). My-HiME follow the charcter of Yuuichi Tate, as opposed to the anime's protagonist: Mai Tokiha. The main difference from the anime's premise is that each character you has a child must a "key" or an individual to unlock it. Tate happens to be a key not for one, but for two children, Mai Tokiha and Natsuki Kuga, both rival schoolgirls, each one wanting to be the best. Being a shounen the series adds more action and fan service (notably at the beginning of volume 3) while cutting out some of the more subtle character bonding moments that the anime had. For those who are not familiar with the anime, the main characters include Yuuichi Tate, a quiet portagonist who wants nothing to do with the HiMEs having been unaware of what would happen pior to his arrival to Fuuka Academy; Mai Tokiha, who tries to have a smile no matter what the situation is, but hides her feelings; Natsuki Kuga, who is serious, grounded and strong willed; and Mikoto Minagi, who serves, partially as comic relief in her cat-like behavior, but is also a fierce warrior, wielding the strongest of swords Miroku, her child, which when activated is the most powerful of all the children. As far as the plot goes, it is a basic shounen plot with the added pluses of dialogue based conflict (which in my readings of shounen publications, is often lacking in this regard). However, without this, the publication would be slightly underwhelming for shounen standards, particularly the paneling of the major fight in volume 5 (the last volume) is particularly reflective of these problems in how quickly it is paced compared to smaller battles. Aside from this, the fan service is mainly contained to the first and third volumes (and no uncensored fan service until volume 3), so if you do not like fan service, then I would say it is very light in this publication overall. While the manga is good and can be recommended, the anime is, from what I have seen, better (as of writing this I am on the fifth episodes of the series, so stay tuned). That said, read this manga, but please do not expect this to be a masterpiece, it is just some dumb fun. Recommended to enjoyers of action with a bit of fan service on the side.

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