Mad Bull 34

Want an OVA that dials the ridiculous factor to an 11? Well here it is!

I will preface this with two words: crotch grenades.

Do I really need to say more?

Alright, I guess I do need to say more. Released in 1990, Mad Bull 34 is an OVA about the wacky, action-packed antics of the New York Police Department's 34th Precinct. Ed-Ban Daizaburo is fresh out of police academy, naive, his first assignment is to one of the most dangerous precinct in New York: the 34th. His partner "Suleepy" (No, this is not a typo) John Estes, or Mad Bull, is a loose cannon, at least for sleeping on the job. Across the first 3 episodes the antics between this buddy cop duo are wild (and yes, Mad Bull really lives up to his name in more senses than one), everything from theft to murder to rape happens, each one winds up in a gory fights (some of them are hilarious in their absolute ridiculousness) and occasionally, yes, there are crotch grenades. The fourth episode, though, takes on a darker tone, so please be prepared for this shift; it took me by surprise, so I could imagine that I was not the only one.

As far as technical aspects go, this is on Angel Cop levels of production values: jerky animation, ridiculous voice acting (at least in the dub, which is the only option to watch this, [however, a subtitled version may be on an archiving or torrent site]) and cheesy music all are part of the production.

So, ridiculous plot plus poor production values gives this one a conditional recommendation. I, for one, enjoyed it, but only out of the ironic enjoyment that someone would get from watching a bad movie, so if that is not your thing, then do not watch this. I will create an ironic enjoyment anime viewing guid soon.

P.S: I almost forgot: this anime contains a *LOT* of fan service and some scenes almost make this anime one of the big H, so please be aware.

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