.Hack//Legend of the Twilight (.Hack//Tasogare no Udewa Denetsu)


One of the numerous titles in the .Hack// multimedia series, .Hack//Legend of the Twilight is a series which trends less towards the action, but more so towards character interacting and bonding.

While critically panned upon its U.S release, I honestly did not mind this series and it makes a decent starting point to enter the franchise (though it is best to watch the Sign series or play the first four video games).

The series focuses on Shugo and Rena Kuniskai, who both have won special edition characters of Kite and Black Rose. Upon their time playing, they come across a rogue NPC known as Zefie, who claims her mother is the legendary Aura, their goal is to return Zefie to Aura, but because of Kite's data drain bracelet, moderator's policing the MMORPG of The World pursue Shugo and his party. This is both the premise and the entire plot of what occurs over the three volumes.

I hope to create a character guide page if I am to cover more elements of the franchise, but in addition to Zefie, Aura, Kite and Rena; there is Ouka (which in early volume 1 Tokyopop printings was mistakenly called Orca, another .Hack// franchise character), Balmung, Hotaru, Reki, Mireille, Reki, Kamui, Komiyan III and Silver Knight.

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