Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins (1991)

Oh my word! THIS IS THE BEST WORST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Seriously, this low budget action film is so much dumb fun. From cheesy special effects to wire suspended action sequences, this movie has got it all!

Though an unlicensed production, this film follows the original manga's plot reasonably closely, pulling several the origianl's most famous scenes and condensing them into a 90 minute long adventure. The movie starts off with an invasion led by King Horn, an amalgamation of Pilaf, King Gourmeth and Lucifer as he searches for the "Dragon Pearls [sic]" (the English dub is quite poor in name translations, but it could be to avoid Copyright strikes). After claiming one Dragon Pearl, he searches for more that may be near. Cut to the scene introducing Sparkle (Gohan) and Monkey Boy (Goku), where Gohan tells Goku about the Dragon Pearl and its value. Then there is the first main fight, one between Gohan and Goku to show who is better and holy wires, Batman, the action is so amazingly done that I almost did not notice the wires Gohan and Goku were suspended by. Gohan wins and tells Goku to get something to eat. Cue a montage of Goku hunting

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